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Ace Your GMAT with Personalised 1-1 Online Tutoring



Founder, Coder & Trader, Ex - Goldman Sachs, IIT Kharagpur

I gave my first GMAT exam in Nov'22 and scored a 760. I did this in one month of preparation time and without taking any coaching. I made my own study plan and section-wise strategies and experimented and evolved them according to my performance.

I discovered my passion for teaching and started mentoring students for GMAT. Till now, I have guided over 15+ students in their preparation and helped them reach their desired score. 

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Here’s What I Provide



I understand that each student is unique and has different needs. That's why, at the very beginning I will make a customized study plan that is tailored to your individual goals and learning style. My approach is results-driven i.e. we will consistently track your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses, then we evolve the study plan accordingly and stay on track to reach your goals.



I offer online one-on-one coaching, providing students with three kinds of classes.

General - We track your performance, discuss challenges you are facing and build strategies to overcome those challenges. I share my own test-taking strategies and techniques, from time management to problem-solving.

Focused Practice - In this we go through the theory as well as solve a few questions of a particular topic. 

Q & A - In this we discuss the doubts that you encountered while solving your practice sets. 

Design Book


We will be continuously connected on Chat and we do a quick chat check-in on daily goals at the start of each day. 

I do not offer any additional study material, we will utilise the resources already available and you might also be required to buy them. Some of these resources are GMATClub quizzes, Official mock tests and Verbal & Quant guides. 


I approached Rohit after completing basic content from one of the test prep companies. If you are someone that is looking for a coach that oversees your overall process of learning and tweaks your plans/goals everyday then Rohit is perfect for you. His daily support and strategy were unparalleled for me and I wouldn’t have considered using GMATClub for my last phase of learning if he didn’t gently push me to do so! His daily monitoring of progress and the use of right resources were instrumental in my overall improvement at the Gmat. Definitely recommend !!!


For daily consultation - INR 7000/month
For 1 on 1 classes - INR 1500/hour

Only limited seats available.

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